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This website has the purpose to collect Lotus information and news about Lotus Cars and to be your guide in all there is to know about Lotus. From Lotus Super Seven to 2 Eleven, From Lotus Elite to Evora, you will find Lotus cars related information here on this website. Lotus enthusiasts will always be looking for information on Lotus cars, books, brochures, model cars and so on. It happened to me when I was infected with the Lotus virus and it will happen to you! We want to know more! I hope to help you find what you are looking for.

Some history: In 1991, Ronald Ringma and the late Eugène van Herpen created a small book called 'The Lotus Drivers Guide'. This could be used by Lotus owners who were travelling and in need for information about the nearest dealer or repair shop.

Later, I decided to go digital and the result is what you are looking at now. Not yet finished, but already a lot of information about Lotus Cars and related items. I have kept the original name but now want to offer the viewer every information about Lotus that I believe can be interesting. On the News page you will find the latest information concerning your favourite marque and you will also see what the latest changes on this website are. More news of course in the Press Releases section.

I hope you will enjoy looking at the Lotus Drivers Guide web pages this !

Ronald Ringma

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February 2018


Latest update: 24 February 2018

New in the Press Releases section of this website:

December 2017

New in the modelcars section of this website:

New in the Books section of this website:

  • The Magnificent Seven by Chris Rees, fourth edition
  • Lotus Europa: S1, S2, Twin-cam & Special 1966 to 1975 - expected September 2018
  • Lotus Elan: S1, S2, S3, S4 & Sprint 1962 to 1973 - Plus 2, Plus 2S 130/5 1967 to 1974 - expected November 2018

November 2017

New in the Press Releases section of this website:

October 2017

New in the Press Releases section of this website: