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Lotus Eclat books

Title Author Date ISBN Notes
Lotus Elite and Eclat 1974-1981

various   0 907 073 417 Reprinted magazine road tests

Softback, 200 x 270mm, 104 pp.

Lotus Elite and Eclat 1974-1982

various   1 85520 0287 Reprinted magazine road tests

Softback, 200 x 270mm, 104 pp.

The Third Generation Lotuses

Graham Robson 1983 0 900549 82 3 Hardback, 240 x 185 mm, 144 pp.
Lotus Since the 70s Volume 1, Elite, Eclat, Excel and Elan

Graham Robson 1993 0 947981 70 5 Update of The Third Generation Lotuses

Hardback, 240 x 185 mm, 128 pp.

Lotus Elite, Eclat and Excel various 1999 1 84155 245 3  
Lotus type 75-76-83-84-89

various   1 84155 557 6 Compilation of roadtests and articles from different magazines

210 x 293 mm, 82pp.

Lotus Elite and Eclat 1974-1982

various 2011 ISBN-10:
Brooklands. Included are road and comparisons tests, long term reports, a technical analysis plus full performance data. Reported on are the Types 75 & 83, S1 & S2.2 Elites and the Types 76 & 84, S1 & S2.2 Eclats/Sprints. Advice is offered on acquiring a good pre-owned example of each.

softback, 28 x 21 cm, 160 pages

Lotus Elite, Eclat and Excel: An Enthusiast's Guide

Matthew Vale 2016 ISBN-10: 1785000780
ISBN-13: 978-1785000782
Lotus introduced the Type 75 Elite in 1974. Being a full four-seater coupe with an opening glass tailgate, it was designed to carry a family in comfort while retaining Lotus' trademark, excellent road holding and handling. Perhaps most importantly, it was the first - and successful - step in Colin Chapman's plan to move upmarket and away from Lotus' kit car image. The Elite gave rise to two derivatives, the Eclat and the Excel. The Eclat was a restyled coupe version, sacrificing the Elite's unique rear styling and good rear passenger headroom for a more stylish exterior. With its conventional coupe styling, the Eclat was more mainstream than the Elite, and it was in the end the better seller. In turn, the Eclat spawned the Excel, the last of the Elite-inspired family. Matthew Vale looks at the history of these unusual Lotus models, and gives a thorough guide to buying and owning the cars today.

189 x 10 x 246 mm, 144 pages, paperback