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Lotus Esprit books

Title Author Date ISBN Notes
The Lotus Esprit Buyers Guide 1975-1982

Graham Arnold 1982 none Softback, 150 x 212 mm, 40 pp.
Lotus Esprit, Mid-engined S1, S2, S2.2, S3 & Turbo

Jeremy Walton 1982 0 85045 460 3 Hardback, 189 x 219 mm, 135pp with b/w and color photographs
Lotus Esprit 1975-1981

various 1982? 0 907 073 425 Reprinted magazine road tests

Softback, 200 x 271 mm, 100 pp.

The Third Generation Lotuses

Graham Robson 1983 0 900549 82 3 Hardback, 240 x 185 mm, 144 pp.
Lotus Turbo Esprit 1980-1986

various 1986? 1 869826 116 Reprinted magazine road tests

Softback, 20 x 27 cm, 100 pp.

Lotus Esprit, Mid-engined S1, S2, S3 & Turbo

Jeremy Walton 1987   19 x 22 cm, 136 pp.

This is a detailed and well illustrated account of the development and successes of the Lotus Esprit from the Series 1 through to the Series 3 and the Turbo.  Some of the illustrations are in colour

Lotus Esprit Turbo

John Simister 1989 0 86101 441 5 Hardback, 25 x 33 cm, 64pp.
Lotus Esprit Turbo John Simister 1989 0 792 45172 4 Same book, American edition
Lotus Esprit Turbo John Simister 1989 3 7276 7099 1 German translation of UK version
Lotus Esprit

Gerard Crombac 1991 88 85880 37 1 French/English/Italian text

Hardback, 25 x 29 cm, 96pp.

Lotus Esprit, The Complete Story

Jeremy Walton 1991 1 85223 479 2 Hardback, 200 x 265 mm, 192 pp.
Lotus Esprit, The Complete Story

Jeremy Walton 1997 1 86126 066 0 Softback, 195 x 258 mm, 192 pp.
Lotus Since the 70s Volume 2, Esprit, Etna and V8 engines

Graham Robson 1993 0 947981 69 1 Update of The Third Generation Lotuses

Hardback, 240 x 185 mm, 128 pp.

Lotus Esprit

various 2002 1 84155 185 6 Compilation of road tests and other magazine articles

Softback, 205 x 292 mm, 86 pp.

Lotus Esprit - The story so far

William Taylor 2006 X 902351 078 This book was especially for the US market, including a foreword from Arnie Johnson, president Lotus Cars USA.

Hardback, 34 x 31 cm, 50 pp.

Lots of information about the V8 twin turbo cars. Limited to 250 copies, and numbered accordingly.

Lotus Esprit - The official Story

William Taylor 2006 1 902351 24 X Hardback, 30 x 30cm, 224 pp,
550+ photos

The inside story of Britain’s best loved supercar from it’s development in the early 1970’s right through to the 21st century.

Lotus Esprit - The official Story limited edition

William Taylor 2006 1 902351 25 8 The boxed and signed Limited Edition of 'Lotus The Official Story' has been restricted to just 250 copies.
Lotus Esprit - The official Story publishers edition

William Taylor 2006   Hardback, 30 x 30cm, 258 pp,
580+ photos

For the collector there was a production run of 100 copies of the 'Publishers Edition' of Lotus Esprit The official Story. This edition was only available direct from the publishers. The Publisher's Edition features an additional 34 pages that are not present in the Limited or Standard editions. These pages show previously unseen photographs and drawings of the prototype Esprit, including a fold out page featuring a 1973 Esprit drawing by Giugiaro.


Lotus Esprit - le grand tourisme à l'anglaise

Rémy Solnon 2007 978-2-35073-144-5


French, 21 x 29,7 cm, 208 pp

This full color publication contains over 350 pictures, drawings and photographs and is the first book in French related the whole story of this automotive icon


Lotus Esprit

various 2008   Compilation of road tests and other magazine articles

Softback, 74 pp.


Lotus Esprit 1972-2004

  2009   Softcover, 116 printed pages, 300 x 235 mm.

Esprit History, Giugiaro body (S1, S3, Turbo), new shape body (HCPI 1988, turbo Se 1990), new shape II (S4 1994, Sport 300 1993, S4S 1996, V* 1996, GT3 1998, Sport 350 2001, Esprit 2002), driving impressions, M250, Etna, Evola, racing history and more.
All in Japanese, mind you!

Lotus Esprit

Matt and Mike Younger 2017 ISBN-10: 1445669838
ISBN-13: 978-1445669830
In this comprehensive book, the authors use their first-hand knowledge from twenty years of ownership to cover essential information such as how to buy, own and keep a Lotus Esprit as well as unpublished research and history of the various models, including the original ‘Essex’ turbo models. They describe the development of the new designs for the Esprit in 1987 by Peter Stevens and in 1993 by Peter Thomson. They also explore the full story of the Bond film cars, both terrestrial and aquatic, and where they are now.

The book explains how to maintain an Esprit on a budget and also lists the suppliers, businesses and clubs that can help keep an Esprit on the road while also adding a social dimension to ownership.

Paperback, 96 pages, English