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Lotus videotapes and dvd's



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1963 Indianapolis

Two rare films on the 1963 Indianapolis 500. The tape opens with "The 1963 Indianapolis 500", which covers practice, qualifications and the race. The excitement of the race is covered, including the drama of the Lotus effort. The second film on this video, "Challenge!", shows the development and building of the Lotus Fords for the 1963 "500".

Produced by Rare Sportsfilms, Inc.

Year of the Cortina

1964, the Ford Cortina, driven by Jim Clark and Sir John Whitmore

Year of the Cortina + Cortina Conquest

1964, the Ford Cortina, driven by Jim Clark and Sir John Whitmore

1967 Ford Team Lotus video

Authorized Ford film, edited by Lorin Sorensen. Subtitled: Racing the New Cosworth V8!

Birth of a Legend

Made by Ford special film unit in 1967. This is a 50 minute special documentary about the Lotus 49 and Ford Cosworth DFV.

Nine days in summer

A highly collectable programme that concentrates on the exciting 1967 debut and development of the Ford DFV engine in the back of the Team Lotus cars of Jim Clark and Graham Hill.

Nine days in summer - DVD

Nine Days of Summer DVD, includes additional film, Target 200 about the Ford GT 40 Development, part of Ford's 100th anniversary collection.

First time out

Zandvoort 1967 was the scene of the debut for the Lotus D.F.V.- Fords driven by Jim Clark and Graham Hill. ‘First Time Out’ follows their fortunes at this event which Jim Clark won.

If you're not winning you're not trying

This superb film follows the work of John Player Team Lotus in the 1973 season as they head towards their fourth World Constructors Championship in six years.

  Stirling Moss, video and dvd

Stirling Moss - the greatest driver never to have won a World Championship.

Graham Hill, video and dvd

This fascinating video faithfully recalls the highs and lows of this remarkable driver's career, featuring extensive and rare archive material and personal anecdotes and tributes from Bette and Damon Hill.

Jim Clark, video and dvd

This is the full story on DVD featuring superb archive footage of an era which saw Clark do battle with Hill, Surtees and later fellow Scot and friend Jackie Stewart.

Jim Clark, The Legend

This thrilling video brings together a compilation of some of the greatest moments in the racing career of the legendary Jim Clark during the 1960's.

Emmerson Fittipaldi

Emerson Fittipaldi, a whirlwind of talent and youthful arrogance in his iconic black and gold Lotus 72. VHS and DVD

Magic Mario

The Lotus Type 79 ‘wing car’ was regarded as the best outfit, piloted by the experienced pairing of Mario Andretti and Ronnie Peterson. VHS and DVD.

The Lotus Story, volume 1

1948 - 1959

The Lotus Story, volume 2

1959 - 1962

The Lotus Story, volume 3

1963 - 1968

The Lotus Story, volume 4

1968 onwards

Grand Prix 1972-73

Do we need to say more.....

Offical Lotus Video

Promotional video 'A new spirit'

Offical Lotus Video

Lotus engeneering / Autotech

Nothing drives like a Lotus
Offical Lotus Video

Lotus promotional video on Esprit S3, Turbo Esprit and Excel

Official Lotus M100 Elan Video

Official Group Lotus promotional video from 1991. Features the Elan M100 and also includes narration and shots of the Esprit, Ketteringham Hall, Lotus factory, Lotus test track shots, etc.

Official Lotus Video

Official Group Lotus promotional video from 1991. Includes narration and shots of the Esprit, Elan, X180R, Ketteringham Hall, Lotus factory, Lotus test track shots, etc.

Official Lotus Video

Lotus Bugatti statement

Official Lotus Video

We are united, commemoration of the Lotus/Bugatti weekend 18th/19th September 1993

Golden Lotus, the first 50 years

Lotus Elan (now part of the Frost video collection)

The video commences with a look at the history of the ELAN which includes footage of the Elite and the type 18 and 21 racing models. We look at the different models of ELAN and the type of construction.

Lotus Elan Plus 2 (now part of the Frost video collection)

The video commences with a look at the history of the PLUS 2 which includes footage of the Elite and the type 18 and 21 racing models. We look at the diffrent models of the PLUS 2 and the method of construction.

Seven, maintanance video

Produced in Japan

The original - made of aluminium! (Seven)

Promotional video, published by Seven Cars + Parts Germany.

Cars that made their marque - Lotus

'Top Marques' - the history of this pioneering company from the earliest days through to the Elise

Elise - The inside story (2 tapes)

A 2 1/2 hour documentary that follows the Lotus Elise
design team, right from the initial ideas meetings, to the first Elise being driven from the forecourt, featuring behind the scenes footage and exclusive access to all stages of the design process.


Best of British Lotus, video and dvd

An in-depth look at the Seven, Elite, Elan, Europe, Esprit and the more recent Exige. Also features Lotus Cortina, Sunbeam Lotus and Lotus Carlton. See the building of the Elise, see the Esprit V8 and Elise 111S on the track. Featuring technical car profiles, exclusive factory footage and an interview with Colin Chapman's son.

This DVD box set contains all four volumes of the Lotus Story, which charts the history of this prestigious British company from birth in 1948 to its GP successes with legends like Fittipaldi, Ickx and Andretti in the seventies.

 Running time: 225mins

Racing through time

DVD. Includes two programs, one on the history of Lotus (approx. 60 minutes), the other on Alfa Romeo (misspelled on the case as Alfa Romero!). Distributed by Front Row Entertainment- 2003.

Lotus Esprit: Celebration of a Supercar (DVD)

This programme celebrates every incarnation of the Lotus Esprit through its amazing history – from Bond's legendary S1 to the last ever V8 rolling off the Lotus production line. Esprit enthusiasts drive stunning examples of all major models

Lotus Esprit: Addiction for life (DVD)

This film conveys the enthusiasm and love that owners have for Britain’s only real Supercar – and shows that these people are very human, with a heart and an addiction for life.

If You're not winning..... you're not trying
by Classic Team Lotus

Documentary of the John Player Team Lotus 1973 World Championship season


release date: does anyone know???


A 1974 BBC production on Lotus, featuring the M50 Elite. The 29 minute video contains interviews with all the usual suspects of the time, but is essentially a promotional video for the M50 Elite.

Wold's greatest F1 cars

Details thirteen of the greatest Grand Prix marques ever to win a World Driver’s championship including McLaren, Williams, Benetton, and Ferrari. Plus memorable names from the past such as Lotus, Maserati, Cooper, BRM and Vanwall to name a few. A clever mix of on-track, in-car and archive footage and technical close ups.

How to build a sportscar in 7 days

Follow Channel 4’s Mike Brewer and his team step-by-step, as they build a track day special Westfield Megabusa. 2005

Jim Clark the legend lives on

High-speed action highlights from his career are packed into this adrenaline pumping DVD.




The history of motor racing  -  1960's

The years 1960-69 are remembered as a time of great significance and excitement. Now you can enjoy the extraordinary highs and lows of this ‘very British era’ as motoring historian Neville Hay recalls, with superb archive action footage and interviews, the many memorable races and characters of a momentous period in Grand Prix history. Featuring Brabham, Clark, Surtees, Hill, Stewart and Hulme and racing machinery from Lotus, BRM and Ferrari.


Lotus in the 60's

The story of a legend told through rare archive film from iconic car manufacturer Ford.

This breathtaking collection of extraordinary archive film is a unique insight into a golden era of motorsport, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Lotus in the Sixties includes a rare glimpse of footage from the 1969 Monaco GP, incredible trackside film from the legendary Indi 500 and the rookie appearance of superstar of speed Mario Andretti.

Racing Green.

Features many restored examples of great British racing cars in action at the world’s leading historic racing car festival at Silverstone. Includes Aston Martin, Jaguar, BRM, Lotus, Cooper and Vanwall machines. Greats like Moss, Surtees, Scheckter, and Brooks are reunited with the cars in which they earned their reputations. Running time: 88mins

Great British Racing Cars - Triple DVD

Contents: Aston Martin, the Story of how Aston Martin won Le Mans and became World Leaders in the production of luxury sports cars.

Jaguar, the story of the famous C & D type cars which dominated Le Mans in the 1950s

Lotus, the story of how Colin Chapman took his small shoestring operation and turned it into a successful motor racing team. It also charts the success of Lotus innovations which made their road cars so successful. 180min


Racing through time, Lotus

Colin Chapman helped establish the British racing industry with his shoestring operation. His innovations led to a new approach racing and he also manufactured road cars too, such as the Élan and the Elite. The second part of the Lotus story with the 1960s Grand Prix racing cars. Innovations and world championships continued in the last flowering of Lotus' success in the 1970s


Henri Toivonen - his rally days

Rally action including the Sunbeam Lotus

Motorsport in detail is a series of cd-roms, presenting images and information on Motorsports subjects. Volume 25 is very interesting, covering the Lotus 49! Each CD has been carefully put together and presented in a DVD type case. Each car featured has a minimum of 100 photos, which comprise of 4 major areas:

1. Body and wheels

2. Engine

3. Cockpit

4. Luggage (...) or front end area.

Also on the disk is a section on specs and data and the brief history for that particular car.
Lotus Forever

DVD that contains the celebration of the 50th birthday of Lotus in Japan. It is called Lotus Forever and was released in the year 2007. It is a Region 2 DVD with a run time of 102 minutes.

The Legends Of Motor Sport - Stirling Moss: Racing On



Jim Clark Film Festival 2008

In association with Yesterday's Racers, the organisers have launched a DVD about the event, which features highlights from the weekend's activities.

The main focus of the DVD is the 'talk session' which took place, featuring friends and colleagues of Jim sharing their recollections of him. Participants in this session included Ian Scott-Watson, Sir John Whitmore, Jack Sears, Len Terry, Bob Dance, Jim Endruweit, Bob Sparshott and Peter Darley.

Also featured are readings of the moving tributes from Dan Gurney and Sir Jackie Stewart, the set-up of the two racing car exhibits and a photo call of the guests.



Lotus - Victory By Design

Featuring many of the most important Lotus competition cars in the marque's history.

Shot on specatacular international locations by award winning filmmaker Tony Maylam. Full on "Lotus" Sound (With Dolby Digital 5.1) and exciting widescreen photography with each featured car driven and appraised by renowned racer Alain de Cadenet.

Plus, as a DVD Extra, A private tour of the worlds largest collection of Grand Prix cars. Approximately 94 Minutes in length (Main Feature, Plus DVD Extra)

Lotus goes turbo

This excellent archive film charts the move to turbo power by the JPS Lotus Formula One team.

Starting from the announcement in 1982, exceptional behind-the-scenes footage takes you through the full development of the chassis which would carry Renault's hugely powerful turbo engine in the 1983 season.

With unprecedented access to the Lotus headquarters in Norfolk, you follow the process from design and model building to racetrack as Elio de Angelis and Nigel Mansell give the new car its first test.

The period also saw the tragic loss of the legendary Colin Chapman, and the film shows how his team overcame his death and continued developing the car which would create a new era in Team Lotus history.

The DVD also includes, Anatomie d'Un Depart, an extraordinary short film showing the build up to a Grand Prix start, including rare footage of drivers like Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost preparing to race.

Running time: 38 minutes approx


Millionaire: Colin Chapman

A fascinating documentary that gives a rare insight of Colin Chapman and Team Lotus in 1968, the year when Chapman and team were struggling to cope with the loss of Jim Clark at Hockenheim and Mike Spence at Indianapolis.

Graham Hill stepped into the breach, fulfilling the role of lead driver at this most difficult time, and going on to win the Championship, the third for Team Lotus.

Filmed in an era when 'Millionaire' meant much more than today, renowned producer John Gau captured much of Colin Chapman's energy and business approach, at around the time that Lotus Cars became a publicly owned company.

This collector's edition, the second in the Classic Team Lotus series, includes additional chapters featuring reminiscences of Jim Endruweit, Bob Dance and Bob Sparshott along with a detailed look at 49B/R10 with Clive Chapman.

  Yesterday's Racers volume 4 - 2009

Very interesting DVD including an interview with Team Lotus Team Manager Peter Warr, a piece on the un-raced Lotus 58 and some footage from the Club Lotus show at Donington with a feature on Jim Clark's race cars.


Evora - the making of a modern icon

by Duke, 85 minutes


The Classic Team Lotus Festival (2010) DVD

A perfect momento for the fans that were there and the next best thing for the fans that could not make it. This DVD including interviews with Hazel Chapman, Clive Chapman and past Team Lotus employees.

Captures what was achieved on that special day.

Includes bonus chapters: Clive Chapman reveals how all 35 cars were brought together in an extraordinary race against time plus: Black Beauties Black on Track, featuring exclusive footage of a unique reunion of three JPS type 79s.




The epic story of the inspirational life of Brazilian motor-racing legend, Ayrton Senna, the greatest driver of all time. Spanning a decade, it follows his battles on track and off, against the politics infesting the sport. Sublime, spiritual, occasionally ruthless, Senna conquers Formula One to become a global superstar whilst privately remaining humble & giving millions to poor Brazilians. He contemplates life after racing but continues to live on the edge. Told solely through the use of archival footage, this film is a thrilling ride worthy of its daring subject.

This DVD features a mixed language soundtrack mostly with English and Portugese. Subtitles are available in English. Aspect ratio is 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen. All-region DVD (NTSC format).


Grand Prix Heroes: Mario Andretti

DVD - 60 min.

During a career spanning five decades, Mario Andretti proved himself one of the fastest, most versatile and most determined racing drivers ever. A winner in NASCAR, Indycar and sportscar, his determination to master Formula One made the American a Grand Prix Hero.

Spectacular archive footage follows Andretti’s Grand Prix adventure from the frustrating early days through to the glory of the World Championship. Alongside action-packed racing film, we are treated to rarely-heard interviews with Andretti, team talk from the pits and period contributions from Lotus genius Colin Chapman.

Grand Prix Heroes: Ronnie Peterson

DVD - 60 min.

During a Formula One career cut tragically short, Ronnie Peterson experienced the full range of motorsport’s highs and lows. Despite never truly delivering his full potential, the Swede’s natural talent, astonishing car control and easy-going personality ensured his status as a Grand Prix Hero.

Incredible archive footage from throughout his Formula One career demonstrates an enormous talent which was stifled by under-performing cars and team orders. What shines through in the action-packed race film is Peterson’s extraordinary ability behind the wheel, and in short interviews and overheard conversations in the pits, an affable and likeable man.


Grand Prix Heroes: Emmerson Fittipaldi

DVD - 60 min.

During a long and illustrious career Emerson Fittipaldi was twice crowned Formula One World Champion. The statistics are impressive, but it was the way in which he overcame setbacks and fierce rivals in faster cars that marked him out as a Grand Prix Hero.

From the moment he burst onto the Grand Prix scene with Lotus, including his 1970 British Grand Prix debut, to the tension-packed final race of the 1974 season where Emerson snatched the title, this DVD, with narration by Sir Stirling Moss, is filled with action-packed racing film and Fittipaldi’s own thoughts on the cars, rivals and races – including revealing the ‘most difficult’ Grand Prix of his career.



DVD on how to completely dismantle, restore and maintain the Lotus Twin Cam Engine.

It is part of the Classic Car Engines Masterclass Video Library.

This DVD is a step by step instructional video. Graham Williams of Classic Car Engines shows you how to completely dismantle, restore and maintain the Lotus twin cam engine and service the ancillaries. It also includes some interesting history of how Lotus took the Ford Anglia 105E engine in 1962 and from the bottom end evolved the Twin Cam, FVA, DFV and BDA engines.


If you're not winning you're not trying DVD

The behind-the-scenes story of the epic 1973 Formula One Grand Prix season is revealed in this extraordinary fly-on-the-wall documentary, following JPS Team Lotus through a year of triumph, tragedy, frustration and elation.

The film charts the story of the season as Team Lotus goes head-to-head with the Tyrrells of Jackie Stewart and Francois Cevert, discovering the mechanical woes, revealing team frustrations, joining celebrations and sharing the emotions of a season which would see Lotus secure the Constructor’s Championship in terrible circumstances.