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Lotus Elise and Exige

Elise and Exige aftermarket changes

Both the Lotus Elise and Exige have been subject to aftermarket changes. On this page we are showing examples of these (technical) changes. Please help us if you have information that is missing here!


Supercharged Elise from Turbo Technics

Rejecting the simple bolt-on approach often seen in modified engines, Turbo Technics use a new design of centrifugal supercharger for the supercharged Elise. Although it is belt driven, the unit avoids the heavy power losses associated with traditional superchargers. In the spirit of the Elise concept, the Turbo Technics manufactured Geotec supercharger is lightweight and compact. As such, it is mounted within the existing engine bay without compromising luggage space.

  0-60 Sec 0-100 Sec 50-70 Sec
3rd gear
50-70 Sec
4th gear
Std Elise 5.5 17.5 3.8 5.1
TT190 Supersport 4.6 13.5 2.7 3.8
TT215 Supersport 4.5 12.0 2.5 3.5




A Honda powered Elise or Exige.....

    It is/was a specialism of Blink Motorsport to provide Honda engine conversions for the Lotus Elise (S1 and S2), Lotus Exige and Lotus 340R. The Honda conversion utilised the Honda Civic Type-R engine to provide over 220bhp with the Honda six speed, close ratio gearbox. There are/where also options available for supercharging, giving around 300bhp and loads of torque.


Brooke Kensington Honda conversion     Lotus specialist Brooke Kensington has also developed a Honda Type-R engine conversion for the mk2 Elise. The standard EU-spec i-VTEC gives 173bhp in the Elise; this rises to 188bhp if Brooke Kensington remaps the engine management system, a procedure that also brings the cam changeover point down to 4200rpm from the standard 6200rpm to improve the car's driveability. Add a supercharger on top of that and you're looking at 241bhp, similar to the output of the 240R Exige
Maidstone Sportscars Honda powered Elise     And...Maidstone Sportscars dit also develop an engine conversion, using the Honda Type-R engine. We haven't got a clue who was first with developing this idea.

The I-VTEC transforms the performance of the Elise; 0-60 MPH times are reduced to around the 4-second mark and the 0-100 MPH is under 12 seconds.

Prototype Racing Honda B18C Elise

Honda K20A engine - Prototype Racing

    And...We found Prototype Racing who created a Honda B18C Conversion Kit and a Honda K20A Conversion Kit.

The Prototype Racing B18C kit would supply you with everything necessary to install your Honda B18C (Integra Type R) engine-trans into a Lotus Elise. Bear in mind, you would also have to get a complete Honda B16B, B18C 1.8 or 2.0 and transaxle

The K20A fits better into the Lotus Elise/Exige chassis than the original Rover engine. Because the K20A exhaust and gear change mechanism are not routed under the engine, the crankshaft centerline can be positioned significantly lower than the Rover K series, yielding a lower center of gravity. Specs:  1998cc, HP 220 @ 8000RPM, Specific output 110HP/L (!)

      Also Sinclaire of London would make the Honda K20A conversion for you...
Komo-tec Elise Honda conversion     And Komo-Tec in Germany would make the Honda K20A conversion for you and would even make you conversion with 323 BHP...

The same company would also put a 2,3 litre Ford Duratec engine in the Elise

  Carbon parts...

more to follow soon