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Lotus Exige derivatives

Lotus Exige Extrema

period: 2008

engine: different V8's

# made:

UK Garage, the official importer of British brands like TVR, Noble, Radical in Italy, was  offering A V8-powered Lotus Exige for sale.
The bodywork is a an S1 Exige, made to look like an S2 an it is called the Extrema and prices started at  69000 Euros. The bodywork is made from carbon fibre and manual or sequential gearboxes are available.

A number of different General Motors V8s where available: two LS3 engines (420 and 500 bhp), the LS7 (519 bhp) and the LS9 (649 bhp). With the LS9 engine the car has a 0-60 time of 2.9 secs and a seven second 0-100mph, the top speed will be 200 mph.

The Extrema was made to order, to the customers own specification.