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Modelcars - Lotus Type 49 by Automodello, 1:12

September 2015

It has been a while since I met James Cowen, we had a breakfast meeting in Paris where he was explaining me about his Lotus Type 49 model. It's there now and I could not resist to share images of this model with other collectors.

This was the press release, in May 2014:

Hand-built resin model manufacturer Automodello™ is to make its first venture into a larger scale this year, with the release of a sensational 1:12 Lotus 49 (Ref. AM12-CTL-49-JC). The Lotus 49, designed by Colin Chapman and Maurice Phillippe, was one of the most innovative and influential racecars of the post-war era. Automodello’s model captures it as it debuted and raced to victory by the legendary Jim Clark at the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix. Produced under official license with Classic Team Lotus Ltd., and strictly limited to just 499 certificated pieces, this Automodello’s exquisite model will be nothing short of a museum quality piece.

Even the most discerning collectors are sure to be blown-away by the craftsmanship of the build quality, the astonishing level of detail and the fabulous finish to the authentic racing
livery. The Lotus 49’s torpedo shaped body shell, wrapped around the aluminum monocoque chassis with front sub frame, will include every single accurately placed rivet. Prepare also to
marvel at the fully stressed engine (consisting of over 100 individual parts), incredibly intricate brake lines, delicately formed air inlet gauzing, perfectly replicated instrumentation and pliable
Firestone racing tires with correct tread pattern. This mesmerizing masterpiece will serve as a lasting tribute to the genius of Colin Chapman, the commitment of Team Lotus, the passion and talent of Jim Clark and the dedication to accurate scale replication from the team of skilled artisans at Automodello. To allow it to be enjoyed and viewed from a 360-degree angle on a daily basis, free of dust or accidental damage, it will therefore be packaged on a stylish plinth with a clear protective cover.