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21th December 2004


The Lotus Elise 111R has won the Sport Auto (Germany) Magazine award "Die sportlichsten Autos des Jahres 2004" (The Sportiest Cars of the Year 2004), beating some of the finest sportscars on sale in Europe in the "Roadster and Cabriolets up to EUR 60.000" category.

This year, the competition was the toughest ever in the magazine's
25 year history, with the Elise 111R beating opposition from Germany and Japan such as the new Mercedes SLK 350, BMW Z4, Porsche Boxster and the Honda S 2000.

Not only did the Elise 111R win its category, but the Lotus Exige came a creditable second place in the "Coupes up to EUR 60.000" category, reaffirming Lotus as the manufacturer of some of the finest sportscars in the world.

Ansar Ali, General Manager Europe for Lotus Cars, received the prestigious award from Mr Horst von Saurma-Jeltsch, Editor-in-Chief at the recent Essen Motorshow. Mr Ali is ecstatic about the award: "This award is a great success for Lotus and proves that in Germany, one of the most competitive sportscar markets in the world, Lotus leads the way for other sportscars to follow. It also reinforces Lotus' reputation as one of the finest automotive engineering organisations in the world."