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4th March 2003

Geneva Stunner is Advanced to the Core

Today C hosted one of the most keenly awaited unveilings of the 73rd Geneva International Motorshow, and with Lotus Engineering's expertise under the skin, the beauty of "ENJOY" runs to its very heart and soul. The stunning research study marks Pininfarina's return to the sports car theme in its most genuine sense.

The world-famous Italian design house designed the simple, practical, basic though dynamic barchetta on a Lotus chassis evolved from that of the Lotus Elise. The Lotus tub structure chassis is a key feature of ENJOY. Its lightweight construction and exceptional torsional stiffness offer an ideal starting point when creating a car designed for road and track. "Pininfarina's choice of the Lotus chassis is yet further recognition within the industry of the superiority of our advanced chassis technology and vehicle dynamics capabilities" commented Simon Wood, commercial director at Lotus Engineering.

Made from extruded and epoxy-bonded aluminium and pioneered by Lotus Engineering on the original Elise launched in 1996, the chassis remains virtually unique in the automotive industry. The extruded aluminium technology remains truly advanced as a vehicle chassis material, and to 'bond' it together with epoxy adhesive astounded both the automotive and the engineering industries.

ENJOY also has the benefit of Lotus Engineering's world-renowned Ride & Handling team to optimise its capabilities for road and track. No other company can offer the same depth of understanding in the dynamic interaction between driver, vehicle and road. Its ride and handling brilliance in the Elise has led to the UK-based consultancy being awarded over 50 awards for its expertise.

"With Lotus Engineering's world-class experience in chassis dynamics, it is natural that it is involved in developing ENJOY's ride and handling" explains Andrea Pininfarina, CEO Pininfarina SpA. "Lotus' contribution enables ENJOY to establish a special relationship with the occupants, giving an extreme driving pleasure to match the beautiful style and form of the car." Lotus calls upon a combination of its in-house simulation tools and subjective techniques to define and develop the characteristics of ENJOY exactly to Pininfarina's requirements.

Turin-based Pininfarina conceived the two-seater ENJOY for people who, in addition to craving an enjoyable drive, also have a passion for racing. On the road, ENJOY is a unique roadster affording an intimate bond between the driver and the external environment. However, the exceptionally stiff Lotus chassis is an enabling factor in ENJOY's innovative dual-personality package.

As the chassis is the load-bearing structure of the central body, the body panels are not an essential part of its structural integrity. This allowed the introduction of the extraordinary removable front and rear wings, which house the vehicle's headlights and taillights. Thus, upon detaching the four removable wing panels, ENJOY is transformed into a raw open-wheeled racer for the track. The body panels are employed only for driver comfort and protection and aerodynamic considerations, similar to motorbikes and single-seater racing cars, two of the primary inspirations for ENJOY.


Lotus Engineering Chassis and mechanicals

Michelin Tyres

BBS Alloy wheels

Sparco Seat-belts, helmets, overalls

Osram Opto Semiconductors, Lighting units




Length 3740 mm

Width 1790 mm

Height 1070 mm

Wheelbase 2375 mm

Front overhang 800 mm

Rear overhang 565 mm

Front track 1525 mm

Rear track 1545 mm

Front tyres 215/40 17"

Rear tyres 235/40 18"

Engine Lotus 4 cylinders in line, 16V, 1795 cm3

Drive Rear

Gearbox 5 gears

Body In resin; chassis in aluminium

Front/rear suspension Overlaid-wishbone suspension with push-rods at the front

Brakes 288 mm, ventilated