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15 December 2009

Martin Brundle visits Lotus

Martin Brundle visits Lotus to drive the award-winning Lotus Evora

Martin Brundle, one of the most talked about legends in British motorsport recently spent a day at the world-renowned Group Lotus UK headquarters, sampling a piece of Lotus heritage and driving the firm’s latest offering, the all new Lotus Evora.

Brundle called on Classic Team Lotus where Clive Chapman (son of Lotus’ founder Colin Chapman) showcased some of his Father’s much loved Formula 1 projects. Brundle also toured the state of the art manufacturing facilities and sampled the Lotus Evora for the first time around the famous Lotus test track.

It was fantastic for the Lotus workforce to see Brundle passing through; regularly holding court with the eager employees, happy to sign autographs and answer any questions posed. Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus said: “It is an honour for Lotus to host Martin Brundle, one of the most respected and popular names in motor sport. It was an incredible opportunity to demonstrate our exciting array of vehicles and the work of our talented employees to one of the most esteemed analysts in the automotive arena and I am delighted with his positive responses.”

Brundle was joined by his son Alex, one of the rising stars of the Formula Two Championship, proudly following in his fathers motor sport footsteps and dreaming of a future in Formula 1. Martin Brundle thoroughly enjoyed his visit to one of the world’s most iconic automotive marques, commenting: “I remember first visiting Hethel in the 1960s, when my Father drove a Lotus Cortina. I am equally impressed now as I was then and as a Norfolk man, I am delighted Lotus is performing so well. I was pleased to see my old friend Gino Rosato and after hearing more about the future plans from Dany Bahar and his team, I am looking forward to the forthcoming products to come out of Hethel.”

Brundle was further impressed with the new Lotus Evora: “I was especially keen to drive the Evora after reading so many positive magazine reports. On a wet track, the cornering grip and particularly the braking performance deeply impressed me. It’s a quality sports car.”