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4th September 2003

Lotus Excels at Training Young Engineers

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers renews its accreditation of Group Lotus' Training Scheme for Engineering Graduates

Group Lotus plc has once again received accreditation from The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) for its Graduate Professional Development scheme for the maximum three-year period. This is in recognition of its continued commitment to the development of young professional engineers.

Lotus' graduates follow an accredited four-year scheme that provides them with the development opportunities and competencies leading to election as a Member of The IMechE and Chartered Engineer (CEng) status.

Sarah Carrington, IMechE Regional Manager, said, "Companies offering an accredited Professional Development scheme have a distinct advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining high calibre engineering graduates. This accreditation reflects the quality and maturity of the scheme at Lotus and is recognition of the excellent career development opportunities it provides for its graduates. It is one of the largest accredited schemes in the country, and is excellently supported by a dedicated steering committee made up of graduates and senior management."

Carol Rolfe, training and development manager at Lotus, was presented with the accreditation certificates on 4th September 2003. She commented, "I'm delighted to receive this renewal of accreditation for the Group Lotus training scheme, as the company remains committed to the professional training of all its engineers. Working together with the major engineering institutions, Lotus has developed a practical training programme, allowing professionals to develop a strong technical ability together with a good business understanding of a client-focused company."

The first two years of the scheme are spent on rotational placements in a variety of business units and project teams. Graduates spend the remainder of the four years in permanent positions with greater levels of authority and responsibility, with the opportunity of working at the consultancy's state-of-the-art U.S. or Malaysian offices.

"Key to its success is involvement of different areas of the company on the steering committee," explains Carol Rolfe, "Through this interdisciplinary group we meet the career aspirations of the graduates, Lotus' business needs and the requirements of the IMechE's training and development schedule." Lotus currently has 46 young engineers at various stages of its four-year Graduate Scheme, with a further 20 joining in September.

Lotus' next graduate recruitment campaign, targeted directly at those commencing final year studies at university, begins in September with applications welcome until December 31st 2003. Lotus also recruits across a full range of non-engineering commercial disciplines over the same period for those on management or business-related courses.