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27 September 2005

Trevor Houghton-Berry appointed as Lotus Cars Head of Commercial Operations

Lotus Cars, the sportscar division of Group Lotus plc, announces the appointment of Mr. Trevor Houghton-Berry as Lotus Cars Head of Commercial Operations effective from 10 October 2005.

In the newly created role, Mr. Houghton-Berry will have overall responsibility for the Sales and Marketing activities for Lotus Cars in all the territories around the world where the brand is present.

Trevor is a British national and has extensive sales, marketing and management experience in the automotive industry, firstly with Citroen UK, and Mazda Cars UK and then with BMW (GB) Ltd, where he held the position of Rover Group Corporate Sales Director, before joining the Board of Directors of BMW (GB) Ltd. as General Manager - Mini UK in the summer of 2000.

Whilst at Mini UK, Trevor had principal managerial and operational responsibility for the new Mini from a year before its successful launch, leading the team responsible for the car's strategy, brand management, product and price positioning, and sales and marketing approach across the UK.

Following the successful launch of Mini, Trevor has spent the last 9 months as Group Head of Marketing for LVG Ltd., a company that has successfully established itself as the leading provider of Driving Instructor Training across the UK.

Clive Dopson, Managing Director for Lotus Cars, said, "I would like to welcome Trevor to Lotus. His experience in all key commercial areas of the car business will be extremely valuable to Lotus. Over the next few years, we will be launching a number of new products to the market- place, including a new GT type car in the next few months and a new mid-engine supercar that will go into production at the end of 2007; and Trevor will lead the team that will introduce these future models."

Trevor is very excited about his new role at Lotus: "It's great to be joining the team at Lotus and I'm very much looking forward to having the opportunity to work with another famous and iconic British automotive brand.
Lotus is one of the finest sportscar companies in the world and I'm really looking forward to helping the team develop the car sales organisation. We will be introducing the brand to new markets, growing the smaller markets and strengthening the mature markets. Over the next few months for example, we intend to launch into the Middle East, Canada and other key markets in Europe and Asia. Growing the penetration of the Lotus brand will be vital, as we prepare to launch a raft of stunning new models over the next few years"

Mr. Houghton-Berry (44) is a graduate from Durham University and holds a Diploma in Management Studies. He is married and has one child.