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Lotus concept cars and prototypes

On this page, we are showing you images and information on Lotus concept cars and prototypes. By the time that you are reading this, some information may have proved to be wrong, but we believe it is interesting to see this kind of information. Sometimes based on rumors, sometimes based on interpretations, but nice to look at....

As far as the images are concerned, we received most of these by email. If you own copyrights on (one of) these images, please let us know and please allow us to use these, we will be happy to mention your name as the owner of the copyright.

And please, do correct us where we are wrong!


2015 Lotus SUV

Lotus has begun work on its first ever 4x4 crossover vehicle, which will be built at the British company's new factory in south-east China.

Jean-Marc Gales, the company's CEO, described the car as "a real Lotus" and "the world’s first lightweight SUV".

The car comes as the result of a three-way joint project between Lotus, its owner Proton and the Chinese engineering company Goldstar Heavy Industrial.


(Images: Autocar and Cardasiac)






2010 Concept Cars - Paris

Each of these concept cars have there own page wit details


Rinspeed sQuba

Not a Lotus design, but it should be mentioned on these pages.

Presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show 2008. Rinspeed boss Frank M. Rinderknecht (52) is known for his extraordinary automotive creations. The sQuba is the world’s first real submersible car. You drive the car into the water and the car floats. That is, until you crack the door to let the water in. Immediately the sQuba starts on his way to the underwater world. The occupants’ breathing air comes from an integrated tank of compressed air that divers know from scuba diving.

Street Electric
Power output max. 54 kW
at  4'500 /min
Torque 160 NM
 at  1'500 /min
Water - Stern propellers Electric
Power output 2 x 800 W
Diving - bow jet drives Electric
Power output 2 x 3.6 kW Rotinor
Batteries Lithium-Ionen
Voltage 6 x 48 Volt


Top speed > 120 km/h
Acceleration 0-80 km/h 7.1 sec
Water speed > 6 km/h
Under water speed > 3 km/h
Dive depth 10 m


New Lotus Esprit or Project Eagle?

New Lotus Esprit or Project Eagle? 2

Proton PM5

Proton PM5


Update May 2008, the first image could be very close to the real thing!

The images that are made in february 2007 in The Netherlands (see "Esprit"  below) may well be pictures of the Project Eagle, a 2+2 designed to sit between the Elise/Exige/Europa and the new Esprit.

The car is due to debut at the 2008 London motor show and will be on sale early in 2009. The price (in England) is likely to be under GBP 50.000.

The Eagle is not on an Elise platform but it will use a bonded aluminium tub and glassfibre composite body.

Some people believe the Eagle will look like the Proton PM5 study. These people remember the car that was tested in Malaysia before and became the Europa S ....

The Eagle will be available with a semi automatic paddle-shift gearbox. The engine could be a Toyota unit, most likely a 3.2-litre V6 with about 300bhp.

Details on the Eagle’s looks a the best kept Lotus secret. Lotus are testing with an Esprit-bodied mule so this does not give any clue. Inside sources suggest the car may have the styling of the M250 concept we did see back in the year 2000.




The new Esprit in The Netherlands?

Here are some images made in february 2007 outside the Koni (shock absorber) plant. Both Lotus and Koni did quickly announce that this is not the new Esprit. We will see....

2009 Esprit?

Year: 2007

Lots of rumors and images are spreading around, like the story that the new Esprit will have a version of BMW’s 4.8-liter V-8 with at least 400 BHP.

Here are some more images, it will be fun to look back at these, when we have arrived in the year 2009.....

rendering by Autocar

Is the the new Esprit?

Year: 2006

In our press releases section you can read about the production of the new Esprit in Hethel, see may 2006.

And now everyone is wondering how it will look. On the left hand side you see some images that we have collected. later on, in 2007/2008, it will be nice to look back at these images and see how correct these are....

Lotus Engineering's APX concept

Year: 2006

This is an example of the use of Lotus Engineering VVA (Versatile Vehicle Architecture). According to Lotus, "The APX demonstrates the possibilities that this innovative technology brings to OEMs worldwide who are looking to produce exciting products using innovative architecture."

APX features a new 3.0 litre supercharged V6 producing 300hp

February 2006

New Proton Coupe?

Year: 2005

This can be the new, Elise based, Proton coupe. Rumors are that this will be the new Lotus Europa, but as far as we know now the new Europa that will be presented at the Geneva show in 2006 will be more of a GT car.

The car that you see has been tested in Malaysia and has been spotted with other Proton cars. We believe the new Lotus Europa will be built in Hethel.

August 2005

Note: in January 2006 we learned that this was a prototype of the new Europa S


New Esprit?

year: 2005

Will this be the new Esprit for 2007? This is a drawing from Lotus, rumours are that this will be the new Esprit and the car will have a Mercedes V8 engine with compressor, as used in todays Mercedes SLR McLaren. Wit 1300 kg weight and an engine from AMG with 626 hp this will become one of the fastest supercars. The car will have a launch control system.

New Lotus GT?

year: 2004

Lotus Cars did register this design with the patent Office. At this moment (11-2004) we do not know if something will be done with this design, that looks familiar with the M250 project.


Pininfarina Enjoy (not a Lotus concept car, but still...)

year: 2003

Lotus Engineering Chassis and mechanicals, see the press release for more information.


year: 1999

Engine: mid-mounted Lotus-tuned 3-litre Renault V6 engine / 250 bhp

Perfomance: Topspeed is electronically limited to 250km/h (155mph), 0 to 100km/h (0–62mph) in less than 5s. It also does 0–160 km/h (0–100 mph) in under 11s.

Designed to fit in the Lotus product range between the Esprit and the Elise models. The concept's chassis improves and develops upon the bonded extruded aluminium technology used in the earlier Elise model. The aluminium minimises the weight of the chassis, heightening the car's performance. The weight of the car is less than 1.000kg when unladen.

The car that never was, as we know now. Lotus where already producing leaflets with information for the public, same as for the Excige. Expected production would be around 3,000 to 4,000 cars a year. The cars would be produced at the Lotus manufacturing site in Hethel. The price of the car would be around £40,000 (about $60,000). This would make the car competing against Porsche Boxster, TVR Tuscan and BMW Z3M Coupe.



year: 2002

engine: 1.2 litre diesel



year: 2000

engine: motorcycle engine 700cc / 100hp and Electric engine 20hp

A radical two-seater with a fighter-cockpit seating arrangement

Elise Coupe (Type 120)

year: 1998


Issue M

year: 1996

engine: Rover K 1.8

Elise Sprint. Lotus chairman Roamano Artioli wanted to know what the effect of removing the Elise's windscreen would be, and from his request came the idea for a concept car.

Pininfarina Chronos, copyright Pininfarina Pininfarina Chronos

year: 1991

Concept coupe, based on the Lotus Carlton/Omega


year: 1991

engine: -

In 1991 Bertone decided to design a new body for the chassis of the Lotus Esprit, produced by General Motors. The chassis is the same length as the Lotus Esprit (245 cm), but with the total length at just over 4 metres (406 cm) this really is a very compact car.


Lotus M200

Lotus M200 driving


year: 1991

Speedster version of the Lotus Elan M100, first presented on the Frankfurt Car Show in 1991.



year: 1984

4 seater coupe, prototype was shown in 1984 at the Birmingham Motorshow

engine: 4 litre V8 / 340 bhp


Lotus Type 90 - X100 project sideview

Lotus Type 90 - X100 project front viewLotus Type 90 - X100 project inside

X100 - Type 90

Lotus Elan prototype with Toyota 4A-GE 1.6 Liter, twin overhead cam, 16 valve, engine

year: 1984

Ital Design

year: 1972

engine: n.a.